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Use We+ for team building in the local office or to strengthen your company culture world wide

How it works

A corporate social exercise challenge

We+ provides a social exercise challenge for organizations where social support, pep and positive peer pressure in small groups online gets participants to exercise regularly. Forget step challenges and complicated competitions with calculations of points or calories, and look forward to a super social and inclusive exercise program built on four cornerstones:

Social & Secure

As social and easy to use as Facebook and Instagram. Set in a secure environment. All posts, videos, photos and comments are only being shared within your group.

The group

The group is the key to a successful behavioral change. In We+, it’s the magic of group dynamics that gets the participants to help each other to exercise regularly.

For all employees

Everyone can participate – on equal terms. Regardless of current fitness level. A brisk walk is worth the same as a marathon.


Groups, individuals, regions and countries competes against each other and the top performing teams earns fame in the We+ Awards.

Simple and easy to start

login graphic

Login to your We+ group online. Every time you have exercised, share your workout with your group via smartphone or web. The group members inspire and motivate each other to do their exercise.

exercise graphic

ALL types of exercises are worth the same in We+. Any exercise ≥ 30 min. with at least moderate effort and noticeable accelerated heart rate counts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a power walk, yoga session or running.

win badges graphic

Groups, regions and countries competes against each others in number of exercises/week, best improvement and best cheering. At the end of the activity winners earn fame in the We+ Awards.

Get statistics graphic

The organization gets a simple tool to evaluate and communicate it’s health initiatives and also gets access to strategic information about what types of exercise the employes likes.

We+ use the power of social media and group dynamics and offers the most fun and social exercise program your company ever tried

Why We+ ?

Fun, social and secure. Everyone can join - on equal terms

Loved by users

97% recommends a colleague to try We+. The users love the social interaction where they get inspiration from the group, builds new relationships and feel more acknowledged by their colleagues. Users also love that they become more energized with regular exercise.

Measurable Results

We+ users are increasing their exercise in level in average by 56%. That’s really good. But many still feel that the most valuable result is the team spirit that arise in the group. A new common topic of conversation that is personal, but neither private nor job-related.

Everyone can join

We+ reaches everyone in the company. Unlike most fitness activities, We+ is designed with a built in “handicap system” so all employees can participate, not just those fitness lovers. A brisk walk is a low threshold to participate and contribute as much to the group as a gym workout, jogging or a triathlon.

Strategic Wellness

HR and wellness managers at the company finally get a cohesive program that brings together all existing fitness activities. Easy to monitor and evaluate – with a key performance indicator that everyone understands and that can be communicated within the company.

Our Story

From addiction to exercise

Everything started on the 5th of may 2010. ”The power of the group is the solution”. Suddenly it was obvious. Oskar sat on the train home after spending a week on Nämndemansgården participating in a family program for those who live with or care about an adult with an addiction.

Nämndemansgården is one of Sweden’s top rehab clinics for alcoholics and drug addicts. A cornerstone is that you can not manage to make the change to sobriety yourself, everyone needs the help of someone in a similar situation to break their pattern of behavior. Helping yourself by helping others.

The power of group is strong and is fundamental for participants to succeed in their behavior change, to become and stay sober. Why not use the power of the group for another behavioral change – to get regular exercise in your everyday life?

The idea behind We+ was born.

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