It all started started at “Nämndemansgården” where we fully understood that the group is the key to a successful behavioral change. As it turned out, we where right. Read more about our philosophy below.


We+ love regular exercise. We have a strong belief that regular exercise improves people’s lives. Happier, healthier and stronger people sleep better and have more energy to deal with their daily challenges.


We believe in the power of the smaller group. By creating a warm and positive atmosphere and community in a small group to help with encouragement, pep, affirmation and positive peer pressure, you can make even the hardest of behavioral changes. In We + case it’s about to get up off the couch and exercise regularly, get into training everyday and feel good. It is the power of the smaller group that makes it happen.


Everyone must choose what suits them. In order for exercise and training to become part of your everyday life, it must fit your personality and your particular life. Therefore, the time, place and form are completely optional: brisk walking, marathon, circuit training, yoga, dance, rock climbing…


Exercise and fitness should be fun and something positive. Through competitions, where everyone can be on equal terms, we make exercise and fitness fun. The contest will be a motivating factor that helps to exercise and training will be the same time as it increases the cohesion of the group and the company.


In the end everyone is a winner – increased exercise makes you stronger, happier, improve your sleep, combat stress, and also greatly reduces the risk of our most common diseases, cardiovascular diseases, several forms of cancer, type 2 diabetes, etc. If you succeed together as a group, you have helped both yourselves and each other to a healthier life. Stronger together!